Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally,Club Crawl was pass...
This is the first time we work together for club,we still have to add oil to reach our goal...dun worry,be happy!!we will always with each other >.O
We were do our best in this club crawl...
as u can see,we are a big family..muahaha>.<
don't be shy and just JOIN US,
let us see the below pictures during the club crawl...



Sunday, April 19, 2009

Club Crawl is around the corner!!!

Club Crawl is around the corner!!!
Dear International students!! Here is the chance for you to know our club, to join our club and to have fun with us!!

There will be our club members standing around our booth to introduce our club to you during club crawl. If you have any enquiry, just ask! And of course, if you want to be a part of our club, you just need to register your name at out booth to let us know you will be an active member in our club.

Besides, we also have a performance at 11.20am. We have written a song for our club and we will form a choir to sing the bonding song during club crawl performance. The name of the bonding song is “Moment together”.

For your information, below are the details of International students’ club (ISC) in the club crawl:

Date: 22nd & 23rd April 2009
Venue: Sports hall, booth 47
Time: 11am-5pm

Hope to see you there soon!!

Bonding song -- Moments together

Seagulls and waves
See the sunrise in the sky
Kiss the sunset as we lie
And feel the morning breeze

Despite we're from different paths
But deep down
In our hearts
We just know
We're meant to be friends

*Hold on tight and love with our might
The sparkling stars witness our friendships
Together we build our memories
And that will be deeply etched inside my mind

**Let's bond together and walk towards the sun
The roads may sometimes be unpaved
But we will strike hard and aim for the dreams
Together we perform miracle to fly