Friday, July 2, 2010


Wondering what is the title about? It's a telematch within NYP! This telematch is mainly to bond all the nationalities and every club together.

Event : Fun Time Machine (telematch competition)

Date : 21st July 2010 (Wednesday)

Registration time : 2.30pm - 3.20pm

Event time: 3.30pm - 7pm

Venue : NYP Sports Hall

How does it work?

First of all, form a team of 6 representing your CCA or academic club, each team must ne mix gender.You can bring a substitution before the event start if 1 of your teammates does not show up; if not, your group will be disqualified.

Please wear sports attire to this event and bring admin card upon registration. If you are late after registration close, penalty will be given – deduction in event points/marks.

CCA points will not be given to all participants but the winning teams stand to WIN ATTRACTIVE PRIZES. There will also be a bonus prize for 5 lucky winners (individual) in the bonus stage too. The prize given are as follow:

1st prize: $300 cash voucher
2nd prize: $150 cash voucher
3rd prize: $100 cash voucher
Consolation prize: $80 woth of hamper
Individual bonus prize x5

Please send representative team to support this event (1club max. send in 3 teams). No participation fees!!

Please note that there will be an event briefing before the actual event. Further update will be send to all participants.

If you are interested please reply before 11th July 2010 (Sunday).

Feel free to drop a words in the chatbox if you have any doubts!