Thursday, May 28, 2009

Upcoming events!!

Hello member! I feel happy and glad to meet u all during the bktg open house. I think ISC committee and members had a great time there. Members who can’t join us during the open house, it’s alright. We had our next event, which will be very fun, gigantic and mystery!! Want to know more? Come and join our welcome party.

Here are the details of events.
1. Welcoming party 30th May 2009 6pm-9pm


The party will not be very grand and formal. Out main objective of organizing this party for members is to bond every member and committee. Let’s join and be the part of this big family and have fun together.

2 Project H (atrium) 10th June 2009 T.B.C
Project H (shopping complex) 13th and 14th June 2009 10am-10pm

This project is still under planning. However, this is a very great project, which involves performances and exhibitions (in campus and public location). The main purpose is to introduce the culture to young generation.